Mr. Jackson
Mr. Dameon Jackson


Mr. Martin

Mr. Michael Martin

Vice Chair

Ms. Joan

Ms. Joan Culberson


Ms. Sandy

Ms. Sandy Tillery

Finance Chair

Mr. Terry

Mr. Terry Addison


Mr. Coleman  

Mr. Major Coleman


Ms. Beverly

Ms. Beverly Franklin


Ms. Lopez

Ms. Reyna Lopez


Ms. Linda

Ms. Linda Phillips



Board of Directors 

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer member on the Board of Directors for Southeast Community Health Systems? Southeast Community Health Systems (SCHS) is a non-profit voluntary organization: The mission of Southeast Community Health Systems is to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all patients in underserved areas, and to improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to monitor, oversee and provide overall direction for SCHS in furtherance of the Mission, approve the planning and selection of organizational policies, programs, and services. These responsibilities are articulated in further detailed in SCHS BYLAWS in Article III, section 3, Duties and Responsibilities. Southeast Community Health Systems is the recipient of a grant from the federal government to operate as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). FQHCs are non-profit or public entities that serve designated medically under-served populations. To qualify as a FQHC, the health center must demonstrate that it is responsive to the needs of the population it serves. For the Board of Directors, this means that the Board must be composed of a majority of members who are health center patients and whose composition broadly reflects that of the community at large. The application requests personal information related to your role as a prospective Board member, including information specifically related to the aforementioned FQHC requirements regarding Board composition. Conflict of Interest Policy: Health center bylaws or written corporate board approved policy include provisions that prohibit conflict of interest by board members, employees, consultants, and those who furnish goods to the health center. No board member shall be an employee of the health center or an immediate family member of an employee. The Chief Executive may serve only as an ex-officio member of the board (45 CFR Part 74.42 and 42 CFR part 51c.304 (B)).

Board Member Application

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