Mobile Wellness Clinic

Providing "mobile" quality health care services in our Mobile Wellness Clinic.

The Mobile Wellness Clinic (MWC) is a clinic on wheels. By providing healthcare services "on the go" to communities, the MWC reaches both urban and rural areas.

The MWC enables Southeast Community Health Systems to meet the needs of individuals who may not have transportation or access to medical offices or clinics. With the MWC, we can also provide health education and screenings on-site.

Business and Organization Partnerships

Local farms and businesses have the option of scheduling the MWC on-site for their workers and employees to access healthcare. This enables the farms and businesses to contribute to the health of their workforce, while eliminating the need for employees to leave work in order to receive health care services.

To schedule the MWC for on-site services, call 985-517-8443.