HIV Testing and Prevention

Together, we can end the stigma.

Join us in raising awareness for HIV testing and prevention.

Together, let us end the stigma on HIV patients.

HIV Self-Testing

What is an HIV Self-Test?

An HIV self-test (or rapid self-test) is an antibody test that can be used at home or in a private location. With an HIV self-test, you can get your test results within 20 minutes.

How do I find an HIV Self-Test?

Southeast Community Health System can offer you HIV self-tests free of cost!

How do I use an HIV Self-Test?

Read the instructions included in the test kit before you start. For an HIV self-test, you must swab your gums to collect an oral fluid sample and then test your sample. Your results will be ready within 20 minutes. If you don’t follow the directions as described, the test may not work. There is a phone number included with the HIV self-test if you need help using the test. You should always interpret HIV self-test results according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Learn more about what a negative or positive test result means. If the HIV self-test is invalid, then the test did not work. You will need to use another HIV self-test or visit one of our locations.

Interested in obtaining a free HIV self-test?

Contact SCHS HIV Program Director Nijalyn Brumfield at

Great Day Louisiana

We are offering free HIV Testing through our mobile health clinic.

Southeast Community Health Care Systems is proud to offer free HIV testing on National HIV Testing Day with our mobile health clinic.

Breaking Barriers With Compassion

Accessible Testing

Providing convenient and confidential HIV testing services to reach individuals in need.

Culturally Sensitive Support

Recognizing the diverse needs and experiences of individuals affected by HIV.

Eliminating Discrimination

Promoting a society free from discrimination, putting an end to HIV related stigma.


Education about HIV empowers individuals with knowledge, reducing stigma and promoting inclusivity.


Understanding HIV transmission and prevention strategies is essential in reducing new infections.

Everyone's journey living with HIV is different.

Come to Southeast Community Health Systems for information and resources to help you learn about HIV and treatment options and support you throughout your treatment journey. Because a positive HIV diagnosis can happen to anyone, but it doesn't have to change the fact that you can live a longer and healthier life with treatment.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) confidential testing is available.

Southeast Community Health Systems arranges treatment and support for HIVinfected patients.

Southeast Community Health Systems

We also provide information about transmission, treatment, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Patients may also receive assistance with medications through Presciption Assistance Programs.

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Nijalyn Brumfield
HIV Program Director